41 Point Buck killed by 9 year old

A 9 year old in Oklahoma bagged a 41 point buck!

A nine-year-old third-grader from Oklahoma, Baler Dee Stewart had a frown on his face last fall when his dad, Patrick, went bowhunting on the family’s 10,000-acre ranch without him.

“Baler was acting like he got his feelings hurt,” recalls his mom, Cindy. “I told him not to worry, that we would go deer hunting soon. That’s when I realized he was a little mad. He said, ‘Daddy is going to kill my buck.'”

Baler’s buck, mind you, was a huge whitetail with a stunning non-typical rack and a penchant for raiding Baler’s grandfather’s black-eyed peas patch. Later in the fall, on the first day of muzzleloader season, Baler was semi-dozing when his dad suddenly saw a familiar sight.

I said, ‘Baler, there he is and he perked right up,” Patrick says. “He took careful aim and I heard the safety click off.”
When the muzzleloader boomed, a big-antlered, 200-class pea-picker was finally brought to justice.

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  • tim

    These don’t look fake too me.
    It appears to be what it is, “The real deal.”

  • McCow

    Uhhhhh 9 years is too young to shoot a gun…..14 yrs is the limit…give up the illegal buck kid……yer goin’ ta jail!!!

  • The Nuge

    That’s not 41 points, more like 23ish, not all those count as points.

  • Did a quick search and it looks like the minimum age to hunt deer in Oklahoma is 10. A point has to be at least 1″ to be counted. I don’t think 41 is a accurate count either.

  • Ahh why don’t you let the kid glory in his trophy like the big boys do? Good job kiddo! I am jealous and not afraid to admit it.

  • jman

    I’ve never seen the pride in shooting anything that is terrified of you. Birds I can see, I’ve played duck hunter on nintendo and thats fucking fun…its a challenge. But wheres the challenge in lying near a river all day until a buck shows up for some water. Something about a 9 year old kid shooting a buck pisses me off. But shit its got a whole lot of pointy things on its horns so dawgahnit congrats that makes it all worth wild!

  • Stone

    Well in Alabama we count points based on weather or not you can hang a wedding ring on them. And I learned to shoot guns at age 5 and shot my first one at age 7. Good going kid

  • goodjobkidf–koffhaters

    I have been hunting all my life and have never seen a deer this big. I have shot a few bucks in my time but never one as tremendous as this one. For everyone that is dissing this kid, I would love to see you go out and do it. I guarantee he can shoot better than any of you critical pieces of crap. Let the kid bask in the glory of harvesting a deer that is larger than the deer most hunters have ever seen. The minimum age to hunt by yourself is probably 10, I don’t really know the laws where the kid is from. However, I am pretty sure that it is OK if the kid is with an adult, which I am sure he probably was. So anyone that is being a jealous prick on here just take your comments somewhere else they are not welcome. Good Job bud

  • vafish

    9 years old is legal to hunt in Oklahoma.

    Read the regs for yourself.


    Good going kid!

    But I do agree with some, not 41 points by my count.

  • Brian Lanich

    Great Buck, good job. All you haters need to get a life, the young man got a great trophy.

  • Van Johnson

    That young fellow has a wonderful trophy and a story he will tell the rest of his life. Good going young man!

  • Bobbie

    Congratulations to the young man for his trophy deer. I don’t know about the laws now days in OK but I was 5 when I learned to shoot in WV and started hunting when I was 7. Qualified as expert when I was 9. My husband and I started our kids shooting and hunting before they were 7 [were out of the country up till then]. I am a firm believer that if kids are taught young to use a gun safely that we would have less problems with kids shooting kids and so on. I knew and my kids knew that guns were not a toy and were never pointed at something you didn’t mean to shoot. My children [sons and daughter] are all excellent shots.

  • KWE

    WOW!! What a buck! Congratulations on bagging this trophy. Don’t worry about the negative comments some of those folks wrote – they don’t understand (and never will) cause they weren’t raised like us. I’m impressed.

  • Redneck Girl

    So did anyone score this buck? I would be interested to see what he comes in at. And I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna plant some black-eyed peas around the house if this is what it does to the wildlife!

  • BigD

    Way to go kid, that animal is magnificent. That being said, I don’t think this kid is old enough to be shooting a deer that big, what I mean is, now what does he have to look forward to? I’m from Texas and when I started hunting at 7 years old I was alway taught that when hunting for a trophy buck, always wait for something as big or bigger than what you killed the year before. He’s never going to see another deer bigger than that, but hell, it’s on his wall and not mine so… congradulations!

  • Dr. B

    Beautiful deer!

  • Nads

    Apparently this was on PRIVATE PROPERTY, so the 10 year old hunting limit in Oklahoma is null and void. He could have been 3 and legally shot that dear.

    Way to go, Jr!

  • ncbigcheese

    who cares about age.that was one lucky kid. way to go jr. hope you get a bigger one next time !!

  • StopGunsNow

    While most nations recognize that absolutely no good can come of exposing children to guns at a young age, we live in a gun culture that promotes romantic notions of generations of families hunting and shooting together.

    Think about it. While you are taking your kids to swimming or soccer, these kids–encouraged by their parents and other trusted adults–are blasting away at their target.

  • OBAMAProud

    I can’t wait until Obama becomes the President and stops all this senseless use of guns!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Oh dear god. when you are busy letting you government assimilate you and your kids. My kids and this nine year old boy will be there with our guns to keep this nation free. its a deer people!!!!! I bet the meat was good from that deer. Oh ya we hunters actually eat the meat. The trophy is just a bonus. And all those spikes let us know which deer are older. population control keeps them from overpopulating and starving to death. Think a little before you ignorant non hunters spew your non sense.


    oh ya great job son hell of a buck.

  • brian

    Hey 19 and 20 why dont you take your crappy comments somewhere else. You have your opinion, but dont post it up and hurt this young boy. Just because you all are liberal pussies that do not have back bones does not mean that everyone in america is. Oh yea, Obama stopping guns would be great. Leave it to an idiot to tax away his only right to keep his government in check. We have guns to protect ourselves from the government, why helplessly give them away. You are insane to believe that not having guns is better than having guns. The only good that will come out of not having guns is….well there is not much really. The bad thing is that only the criminals will have guns, they do not care if they are breaking the law. Do you really want just a police force to stand between you and someone that would cut your head off for a scrap of bread, I think not. If you don’t believe the statistics go to youtube and search for Penn and Tellers tv show called Bullshit, there you will find an episode on gun control. Usually they are very liberal, however, for some reason the find that gun control is BULLSHIT. I hope you all sleep well at night knowing that you are putting down a 9 year old. That should make you, your mother, and your ancestors happy. They fought for their rights, now you want to give up what they shed blood and tears for. Have a nice night.

  • brian great comment, as for number 19 and 20 I think them two should be first in line for the beheading since they are so eager to give up OUR guns. Them are going to be the people that are going to have to live with thier actions when the blood of the goverment is on thier hands from trying to take my guns. Congrats the the boy i have been hunting for alot of years and never seen anything that big, and thats something he’ll never forget. Now he’s spoiled and going to have some big shoes to fill lol

  • jjoe young

    nice buck kid it dont matter if you said it has 55 points thats a hell of a buck

  • jjoe young

    if guns are so bad what in the hell fed your ancestors or were world class grass eaters hunt on…..

  • Drew

    There is nothing wrong with a 9 year old taking a deer I was younger when I got my first deer although it was no where near the quality of the one he got. I think by him having the ability to bag such a deer only proves that he is very educated in hunting and guns. Taking a buck of that quality is no easy feat with a deer that size the slightest movement or noise and he is gone. Congradulations kid I have been hunting all my life and probably will never kill a buck that big. That will be something you will never forget.

  • Opie

    ((smile)) There is no such thing as a 41 point buck. You count the points on ONE side only.
    Just FYI.
    You’re welcome.

  • Ban-Guns

    This is just GREAT.

    Give a 9-year old kid a gun to shoot a deer.

    5 Years later he shoots up his school in a SCHOOL SHOOTING ! ! !

  • I’m not dis’n the kid for shooting the deer at all. I think its a great accomplishment, one I wish my son would achieve. As far as counting the points go, here’s a link to boon and crocket: http://www.boone-crockett.org/Bgrecords/bc_scoring_typwhitetail.asp?area=bgrecords&type=Typical+Whitetail+Deer
    Saying stuff like number 29 say is just ignorant, 64,999,987 firearm owners killed no one yesterday. Get some education, dont listen to people who make stats up.

  • Lynn

    #29 you’re a moron! Just because a kid goes hunting and knows how to shoot a deer doesn’t mean he’ll turn out to be a nut job that goes to school and shoot it up. In fact, he’d be less likely to do something like that because he does know what a gun can do! My son shot his first deer when he was 6, he has a bb gun and a 22 and he knows how to use them! He also know to be safe because his parents, yes me and his dad, have TAUGHT him how to respect guns! The fact that this boy has this memory to last him his entire life should be something to cherish. I bet his dad or whoever he was hunting with about shit their pants when that deer walked out! Be proud of that deer and hang him high on your wall for everyone to see!!

  • janis

    I’ve been hunting for years and would LOVE to SEE something close to that…I congradulate you, and as for the non hunters, you must be pretty well off and bored, for one vension is delicious and alot cheaper than beef and the excitment of the hunt is unforgettable, where I live the kids get opening day of hunting season off school..it teaches patience and there not sitting in front of tv or playing vidieo games, they are out in the wilderness enjoying the beauty of nature…so give the kid some credit!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!

  • blake hauser

    all of ya’ll talking bad about this kids deer. Every single one of ya’ll are just jealous, and ya’ll are saying how 9 is to young to shoot a gun. Its better than what your kids do like playing video games. Nice deer kid sorry these assholes have anything bad to say.

  • Casey

    Great buck kid!!! I live in Mississippi and i killed my first deer at age 5, and as for obamaproud you can go to hell with the rest of the bleeding heart liberals that are screwing this country cause obama or nobody else aint gonna stop me from hunting and shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glowingtimer7

    hey kid im a big time christian man and ive learn when you harvest a deer you give the glory to God. i killed my biggest buck this year and my first one. You just have to past the legacy down to your kids man.
    enjoy the oputdoors while you can

  • Beast

    The rarity of such a specimen is indeed a prize I am a fisherman but I do understand and appreciate such an accomplishment Kudos to the kid.

  • John

    Kids in Texas & Oklahoma can hunt at most any age when accompanied by a licensed adult. To hunt alone, they must have completed a Hunter Safety Course and be of a minimum age. Congratulations to the youngster. Even if he never takes another buck this grand, he will still have the heart of a hunter, so that he can pass the legacy on to his friends, neighbors & children when he is grown and has a family of his own. WE just have to be sure that legacy still exists in the years ahead. There are THOSE that would disarm law abiding citizens and take away our hunting heritage. No soap…………….

  • Jeffrey

    Wow!!! What a great deer. Ive been deer hunting for a long time now and have never seen a buck with that kind of headgear and if i had seen anything like that I wonder if my nerves would have held up long enough for a clean shot. Attaboy kid. Now a little some thing for the ass clown bashers posting on this site. SCREW YOU. As a hunter and gun collector it is my right to buy and shoot as many guns as i want, who are you to tell me or anyone else what the can and cannot do. Hunting deer pheasants and ducks are traditions handed down to me from three generations and i believe that its something to stand up for. I would like you to think long hand hard about the role hunters play in population management of deer. With a little education in ecology most people would quickly realize that without hunters harvesting deer every year the population would continue to increase to a point where their habitat could no longer support them forcing them to adapt. This means they’d likely move further in city limits and urbanized areas resulting in property damage and your pretty flowers you worked so hard on being chewed off at the stem. This also means that the deer/vehicle accident rate would increase resulting in more property damage and personal injury. Maybe you should call some major insurance company and ask them how much they pay out in a year for accidents involving deer.
    Finally, i am responsible with my firearms, i was raised to respect them, and it is my god given right to own them for sport, leisure, and protection.

  • Leo Brucheski

    Good job young man, Never mind the bozos that are clueless on what they are posting. It takes a good shot to place a bullet in the kill zone to quickly kill a game animal. It doesn’t say what range the shot was taken from, but as a life long hunter, I can assure you that the naysayers haven’t got the necessary skills to make the shot. I was probably about your age when I shot my first buck, a 4 point Mulie. Not my first deer, but my first buck. As the other real sportsmen here, I applaud your father for teaching you the proper gun safety. All I have to say, is do it again! Hope it was good eating. I love venison.

  • Josh Knight aka buck master

    hey kid awesome shot.im 12 and i been hunting my whole life,i wish i could see a buck like that around my house.o ya 19 & 20 good job 4 hurting this kid feelings.awesome kid good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Okay folks, let’s just look at this kid killing a buck.
    Now in 10 or 15 years he will be the ideal candidate to be another maniac with a rage and go shooting people.

    Prime example, look at the Alabama shooting rampage this week!

  • Wanda AKA MaineHuntress

    I thought anyone who reads this should know I emailed the person in charge of buying taxidermy mounts at Cabela’s about this kids buck and his response was THIS:
    No! Cabela’s Inc has not offered any money to a boy in Oklahoma! Oklahoma has a state law that prohibits the sale of wildlife or their parts. It’s illegal for him to offer it or for anyone to offer money for it.
    Mark Dowse
    Taxidermy Product Manager
    Cabela’s Inc
    Sidney Nebraska

  • ken

    Good going kid i LIve up in canada and i have never seen one that big. I wish i was at the bbq in the sumer when you cooked some of the steaks

  • What an accomplishment! Great Job.

  • 4justinmelton2

    Let the little guy enjoy his trophy. It is legal to hunt before the age of 10 if you are accompanied by an adult. Besides we all know that we are astongished by the buck the little guy has taken. I tip my hat to you son, GOOD JOB! To think this deer was shot only 45 miles from my home town.

  • Halston

    hoo cares about the rules. give em some props. quite bein so jelouse. good job kid!!

  • Garrett Kennedy

    Wow! I bet your parents were on cloud nine! Including grandpa! Don’t worry about all of these jealous tree huggers buddy! One day we’ll have them down on their knees at our front door begging us to get our guns and protect them. People like theirselves are the reason for the economy and society being the way it is today. I hope you cherished this moment when this enormous deer came out of nowhere! I hope you also try your hardest every year to take another monster

  • tdw

    that is one heck of a deer. He should be very proud 2 say he got that.He earns some bragging rights for a long time with this one.

  • sea

    GREAT you taught your child to murder… it is sad that a father who probably is trying to make up for a lack in good looks, brain size or penis size had to kill animals to make himself feel like a man! Good job passing that on to your son– DADDY!

  • Kris

    all you n on spelling, not hunting mf out there, who are dissing this kid ( and all other hunters)….
    You eat meat? the slaughter of those pigs, cows, chickens, etc. is no more humane than hunting.
    If it were not for hunting, YOU would not be alive…. YOUR ancestors hunted to LIVE.
    GO HUG A TREE, and eat the leaves…..
    and if you do not believe in teaching your kids about firearms – may your kids blow their heads off w/one out of ignorance….

  • Kris

    all you n on spelling, not hunting mf out there, who are dissing this kid ( and all other hunters)….
    You eat meat? the slaughter of those pigs, cows, chickens, etc. is no more humane than hunting.
    If it were not for hunting, YOU would not be alive…. YOUR ancestors hunted to LIVE.
    GO HUG A TREE, and eat the leaves…..
    and if you do not believe in teaching your kids about firearms – may your kids blow their heads off w/one out of ignorance….

  • Kris

    Screw Obama, screw gun bans, screw you….
    A year into that lying lunatics reign where has he taken us?
    another year older and deeper in debt….
    America should take up arms against this idiot and his government….

  • garrettkennedy

    I never knew this world was full of so many dumb asses! Everyone has there own preferences! The kid loves to hunt! So do i! Some of you have some wonderful looking women! Well, that's your preference! You may like jacked up trucks. Well this kid likes to deer hunt, and he has killed a buck of a lifetime! I'm sure his entire family is so so proud of him, this is a major accomplishment! So get over yourselves. I bet he thanks god for that buck every time he walks by and sees his beautiful shoulder mount!

  • Fishgutsjoe

    that is quit the first buck. boy that thing doesnt have to much room to grow. im sure he can already craddle a baby grand paino in its rack and shade a team of clides dale ponies at high noon.

  • That kid accomplished a feat most of us can only dream of. Congrats to him.

  • Tcurrie6558

    Guns don’t kill……The HUMAN holding it does.
    Saying guns kill is like me saying that my spelling errors are the pencils fault.

    Nice buck kid!!! Keep huntin’

  • Blueyetxan

    What a stupid comment. Kids going out and learning how to hunt doesn’t make them automatically grow up to be maniacs with a rage problem.

  • Emcclun English10

    huge buck lil man keep hunting

  • Hunterbaggett

    nice deer hope you kill another one

  • Sooner_levi

    whoa biggest one i have ever seen in my life good job!

  • Huntermichealbaggett08

    how much was the gross score?????????????????????????????????

  • Huntermichealbaggett08

    it is the biggest deer you have saw in your life?????????????????????????????????????

  • Jordanc07

    Congradulations on that buck. Keep hunting

  • Gosooners

    All he did was aim and pull the trigger retards

  • Dadof5wow

    Leave that kid alone let him be proud of what he kill great job brother

  • I bet cnn would shit bricks over this.

  • BuckGirl1213

    Ya lol I shot my first gun at 4 and killed one at 5!!! 🙂

  • Guest

    No it isn’t…. I learned to shoot at 4 and shot my first deer at 5 during youth season… it’s not illegal!!!