Jupiter, Mercury and Venus Aligns in Triangle Tonight

Look at the sky about 30 minutes after sunset tonight and you may see a triangle made of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury.

The three planets will perform a rare celestial dance in the sunset sky tonight (May 26).


This NASA graphic shows how close Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will appear on the western horizon in the sunset sky on May 26, 2013.

What sets tonight’s planetary show apart from other conjunctions is that it includes the three brightest planets visible in the May night sky. Venus is the brightest of the trio, with Jupiter a close second and Mercury coming in third.

The best time to look for Jupiter, Venus and Mercury together is between 30 and 60 minutes after sunset. If you have clear weather, the planets will appear low on the western horizon, so an unobstructed view is vital.

The three planets have been closing in on one another for tonight’s sky show over the last week, but if you miss them tonight you can see them again Memorial Day Monday evening.

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